It's every property manager's dream to have a company seamlessly manicure and manage the landscape through knowledgeable horticulture - based on customized maintenance programs from years of professional experience. Effective communication, the best mowers & power equipment available, superiorly-trained professionals… we make it easy for you. It's a reality! Woodburn Landscape offers weekly plans for maintaining and caring diligently for your grass, shrubbery, flowers, specialty plants and overall premises. Our plans are custom to your unique landscape & needs, and as we collaborate we'll offer services to improve or better maintain your property.

  • $400+ monthly


Year-round grass installs to restart, begin and transform your turf areas. We'll plan based on the nutrient and sun requirements of your desired yard or commercial landscape - and design based on function & appeal. We install outdoor turf areas (along with plants) for commercial apartments, retail, hotels, courtyards and new residential homes. Offered sod varieties include:

  1. Centipede

  2. Emerald Zoysia

  3. Empire Zoysia

  4. Fescue

  5. Leisure Time Zoysia

  6. Meyer Zoysia

  7. St. Augustine

  8. Tif-Tuf Bermuda

  9. Tifway Bermuda 419

  10. Tifgrand Bermuda

  11. Zenith Zoysia

  12. Zeon Zoysia

  13. Zorro Zoysia

  • Prices vary